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Heart Electrical Pulse Connection to the Person’s Brain Wave, Unique EEG

By Katrina Day
Every person’s brain operates on a unique frequency and this is now well known to the scientists. The article: Brainwaves To Be Used As Identification states that this is as unique as fingerprints and soon we could be using this to unlock doors and access bank accounts. It seems that the scientists have got the key to uncover our past thoughts and this is our unique identifier, some people even want to use this as part of your biometric passport. The study that our brain wave is our unique fingerprint is also supported by the study published in the journal Neuroscience stated by the article in Is There A Brainwave 'Fingerprint'? Of the science blog.
            “Most teens maintained a unique and consistent pattern of underlying brain oscillations.  They say this lends a new level of support to the idea that people produce a kind of brainwave "fingerprint."

Then there are the EU funded projects to detect the person’s unique brain wave and they are not the only ones. The article released by the name New Brain Tech Reveals Past Thoughts and Memories by the site: Wakingtimes on “Concealed Information Test” is trying to determine whether a person’s brain is hiding information. Needless to say that this would have a huge ethical implications. The article states that:
The massive influx of money into Obama’s BRAIN project, as well as similar research sponsored by the European Union , now exceeds $2 billion combined. Research continues full-steam ahead despite indications that human brain study is outpacing ethical parameters. Some scientists within the European arm of the project have recently threatened a boycott due to mismanagement and misuse.”
It seems that all the mainstream media is also trying to bombard us with the information about the technological achievements and their dubious ‘benefits’ to consumers, trying to precondition us into their inevitable acceptance. They all want us to go paperless alleging that paper is environmentally destructive without giving us the drawbacks of their proposed alternatives. As I got the book of my shelf which used to have pride of place opening it exactly on the page where the ancient Greek myth about the woman called Europa was told. Reading this in the early days, just as a story and part of the classical heritage of the world, I never gave it a thought that this was a story of deception and rape. Zeus, the Greek god mascaraing as a bull to her in order to get Europa on his back and kidnap her to a faraway desolate land where she was on her own and incapable to refuse sexual relationship with him. Yes, indeed, Greek gods, with uncanny connection to the Mesopotamian gods behaving as unreliable, cheating, revengeful creatures; and so untoward and unlike of God and how God should behave. Thus, the continent we live has inherited the name of the woman and the birth of it was via rape. Yet, this continent managed to prosper to have political stability and precisely, this political stability is a good ground for far fetching technological programs to unfold irrespective whether they truly serve public or not.  Thus, we keep reading the story without giving it a thought as these gods do behave like humans, as we are striving to control each other under the pretext of anything, be it security or health issues, the real reason of this is not revealed and a great deception is under way.
It is now clear that a lot of research has been devoted to find out how to transfer information to a particular individual so that only this person would hear it, as it is now widely known that each individual person has a unique brain wave, frequency by which he or she operates and thinks. So if this frequency data is handed over to the authorities they, in turn, could direct and control your thought processes. It may not be all that simple as that. However, with the vast hold the media, the environment have on us, in terms of already ‘conditioning’ us to a certain mode of thinking with a joint effort, with the overwhelming variety of gadgets that connect to the Internet that are slowly creating our dependency on this technology as well as the quantum computer processing capacity, this can become an actual reality.
The proof that these projects have advanced hugely not only on the military and scientific research levels are several commercial organizations. Their sites openly offer public the gadgets that can help them to meditate and transfer their thoughts and images to a computer. Once the commercial sites are already bringing the products out for the initial ‘technologically’ minded individuals to try them shows that the background research and development is much more advanced than that.
The site offering such display of your imagination is Artofmanlinees and the gadget is BioZen. Hack Your Mind Like a Twenty-First Century Soldier: Using Biofeedback to Become More Resilient also tells people that this is better done in conjunction with the slowed down heart rate as this helps the image in your mind take shape better on the screen.
You can see that if what you imagine appears on the laptop screen when your brain is hooked up to it then the computer can also transfer the images to your mind. It should be clear that it's a two way communication. Once you allow your brain wave to be handled by a computer you open yourself to your thought processes to be disrupted and interfered with.
So it is all clear with the brain project that they can have you all mapped out and they can even find out your concealed thoughts. There are even proposals to use this in criminal court.  There is one obstacle, though, for those who  are not criminal and are not getting forced by the courts, not everybody would want to wear a funny device on his head, so there will be many whose unique brain wave will not be handed over to the government and other private corporations with his or her own consent. The consent of signing the Terms & Conditions carries psychological importance even though the person may not be aware of the full implications and the extent of intrusion. There won’t be any hearing of objections from the damaged party after this alleging to their consent even though it was obtained by deception in exchange of some convenience. This may be the offer of health benefit or cheaper and faster processing of anything that one may need.
So far, all the knowledge was pointing at the brain wave and heart was only mentioned as it was viewed together with the brain, such as in the above; and slowing its beat down was important. Some research, such as by the Japanese psychiatrists Mina Ako, et al, also mentioned that it was possible to ‘condition’ the person’s brain during sleep as the heart rate was best fitted to this action i.e. slowed down. However, looking at other research it became clear that heart also has its own individual electrical pulse that is unique to every person and this has been known for some time. Quite suspiciously, some banks have decided that login into one’s own account would be more secure using this unique pulse. May people are unlikely to object to this as there is the security of one’s money is concerned. We are also quite used to providing our heart data, electro cardiogram (ECG) to a doctor. So many people would not see a problem in this. The fact is that letting your doctor take your pulse and ECG, as it also should be confidential, is quite different from giving your unique heart electrical pulse data to a commercial organisation. The doctor only looks at the pattern of a generally healthy organ and compares the patient’s heart function as a general match of healthy function versus the anomaly in this patient’s organ. The doctor does not know about the person’s unique heart electrical pulse and does not aim at analysing this. However, if this data goes on the Internet then we must be clear that it will be looked at by other commercial organisations and will be open to abuse, irrespective of the claims of confidentiality.
Whether there was any connection between the individual heart electrical pulse and the brain unique frequency was not openly available. However, seeing that this much knowledge has been achieved by the scientific community and the military of singling out everybody’s unique frequency of both heart and brain, the road was leading to further investigation. Finally, there have been found some organisations, research and even commercial also offering to synchronise your heart pulse and the brain wave. It became obvious that your heart unique electrical pulse can be translated and matched with your unique brain frequency. The research
"Experiments conducted at the Institute of HeartMath have found remarkable evidence that the heart’s electromagnetic field can transmit information between people. We have been able to measure an exchange of heart energy between individuals up to 5 feet apart. We have also found that one person’s brain waves can actually synchronize to another person’s heart. Furthermore, when an individual is generating a coherent heart rhythm, synchronization between that person’s brain waves and another person’s heartbeat is more likely to occur. These findings have intriguing implications, suggesting that individuals in a psychophysiologically coherent state become more aware of the information encoded in the heart fields of those around them."
So we have got the brain waves that can send and receive the messages and heart unique pulse that can be read, translated to the brain frequency and vice versa. See now what the banks are up to by asking you to provide your electrical pulse to log in? Earlier, I have stated that not too many people will wear a funny device on the head but everybody can wear a watch that takes your heart beat and blood pressure. Not to forget that this wearable device connects to the Internet and passes all your vital data. It almost looks like a co-ordinated action by the commercial organisations pushing the public towards the wearable devices trying to convince us that they can carry out whole lot of functions of everyday life that currently, we do not use and do not miss. They are striving to create a dependency, something that we cannot do without in future. To the unsuspected public, this looks like another technological innovation, as they are not told the whole truth about the scale of intrusion into their private thought processes and functioning of their brain. By giving their heart data these people are allowing their unique brain frequency to be tapped into and thus it being manipulated and controlled. This is as plain as that. Then there are the claims of one being in control of one’s health by systematically measuring one’s heart rate, achieving fitness, or  getting a ‘magic’ fix of a health problem by a digital implant. Now we know how the digitally printed tattoos will operate. All they have to do is to take your unique heart electrical pulse and the connection is made. The quantum computers will do the rest of the work and your brain will fall prey to the globalists. As far as your limbs are concerned the fate is also clear in the article Scientists develop device to control human movement with electrical shocks It is stated that scientists have developed ‘unconscious navigation’ meaning that the digital wearable device attached to your foot giving you jolts to get you to change direction:
            “it could emit small electric currents to directly stimulate the sartorius two-joint muscle that connects the inside of the knee to the top of the outer thigh. The device was controlled via a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone. In the future, the researchers hope the device can be hooked directly into a GPS navigation system”
The problem is that the users changed the direction, indeed and it happened unconsiously. This means that they can direct you to go anywhere like a puppet on a string. The benefits listed there for tourists and sportsmen should be laughed at considering the abuse on the human body involved. There are claims made that human body parts will be replaced with the mechanical ones and human mind will be uploaded to the Internet to live forever. The article Living forever as robot? Prototype lets humans upload their mind into mechanized ‘heads’ claims that:
            “Entrepreneur Martine Rothblatt has created a new robotic head that she hopes, one day in the future, humans will be able to upload their minds into. Bina-48 is named after Rothblatt’s real-life wife, Bina Aspen, and serves as a proof-of-concept for the futuristic idea. The robot version is designed to carry on a conversation, with scientists hoping that these mind clones could give human owners a sort of artificial afterlife.”
The uncanny truth is that one will not achieve control over one’s health by these devices, more likely to become the object of absolute control by other group of people, nor will one achieve the immortality by this, quite the contrary, a total obliteration of one’s mind and its takeover by other similar human beings who want to control a little guy as by controlling a little guy they can control a group of little guys, then a group of bigger guys and controlling everybody like a pyramid scheme. Irrespective whether one believes or not in the heavenly prospect of the proposed paradise for good behaviour, would you want other human beings with all their imperfections and ethical deficiencies, with the vested interests in gaining control and supremacy over others, more money more power to exercise an absolute control over the functioning of your mind and body? Would you trust the authority not act in its interest rather than in yours? Not being told the absolute truth about these devices equals to deception followed by the introduction of the manipulation of one’s mind of unprecedented nature. As we humans do have the right to access the information via our sensory devices, irrespective of their condition, eyes, hearing, skin, etc. Our individual perception is the one that allows us to create our own individual experiences and memories. That is what makes us individual. We should be proud of what our human cultures have created though human perception,  be it through the friction of good and bad as it is integral part of our nature. Proud but not ostentatious about this and should defend our right to process the information in this manner without the direct intrusion into our mind that equals to violation, rape of human mind.     Yes, indeed, the  rape   that starts with deceit  by those who are behaving  as if they were  almighty and powerful  like the dubious   mythological god  with dubious ethics.    As the unsuspected  population of this continent  forks out  another hard earned sum of money for this  scientific  technological project and is told that this is  an inevitable part of progress and development they are offering their brain to be trampled by this, their mind to be violated   and  acting  like this in  blissful ignorance because of utter lack of openness so detrimental  for the democracy they  proclaim they are entertaining.

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